Backups now need more than a basic backup to protect data from data loss. Backups to more than one location with at least one of those locations offsite, and immutable backups are standard in our offering. Immutable backups stop data for a certain period from ever being overwritten giving protection in the event of a ransomware attack. Disaster Recovery (DR) is also available adding another layer on top of secure onsite and offsite immutable backups.

Server Backups can run multiple times a day or once overnight depending in the type of server and backups required. Backups are on-premise, copies taken off-site and full server replication can be implemented allowing a replica server to be spun up quickly in the event of a disaster with the primary server or main server location.

Client Backups of client computers can be made where Office 365 is not in use, where data is not stored on a server, or folders and files are required to be backed up outside on the normal personal folder areas. Backups can be to local storage and cloud storage or just cloud storage.

Microsoft 365 Backups are an important part of an organisations data protection. Although Microsoft 365 does store data in the cloud, this isn't the same as a backup where data is stored in a separate remote area. Microsoft 365 backups include emails, contacts, calendars, tasks. Teams Channels, SharePoint and OneDrive areas. Even when data has been removed form the Microsoft 365 service, the backup will remain for retrieval when needed at a future point.